Grant "The Midiman" Houston

I hope you find something of interest here, I really do. I suppose this site, being of a personal nature, is a little self indulgent of me, but anyway you could find things of interest and stuff on music technology and related subjects or some resources that you could use, or maybe even some ideas that might start you thinking in a different musical direction. Take what you want out of whatever is here and I will try to keep adding stuff from now on. For instance, here's some MIDI Files I have collected over the years that you can download and use to practise your instrument along with, and, as I write a bit, here's some Essays on various subjects, (and many more to come), that you might like to read, but be warned, some of them are long.

I hope to expand this site over the next few weeks and make it interesting enough for you to want to come back. Try me every now and again, and comment if you want to. E-Mail me at

Keep Watching.


Grant Houston at Griffith